Shadows Secrets Kept

Darkness in the Catacombs

We descend into the old catacombs, Polya’s knowledge of arcitecture in Odessa is coming in handy. We came upon two gaurds who we dispatched, although not without some noise, but luck was on our side as no one else was alerted. We came to a ledge overlooking a cavern below. We saw Rudek speaking with someone whose face we could not see, attending them was another man, clearly military, the three of them were gathered around a coffin. Several other gaurds were about the large underground space. Rudek was desperately pleading with the unseen man saying he would clean up the Baghdad job. The unseen man waved dissmissively then seemed to lean into the coffin with what looked like a syringe in his hand. Before any more of the scene could unfold the military man moved impossibly fast, lifted rudek with one hand and crushed his throat. We were stunned and horrified…even seasoned agents that we were, none of us had seen anything like that, it’s impossible for anyone to move the way that man did. Before we could do anything, suddenly before us was the military man. Impossible! No human could get to the ledge we were on from below. He grabbed Polya and drug her toward the ledge, but luckily he slipped slightly and lost his leverage, Polya took advantage and broke free and ran. The next few minutes were a blur. We tried shooting this man but he remained standing. Retreat seemed the better part of valor and we all ran. The catacombs were like a maze, we ran and ran, the gaurds in pursuit rained automatic fire upon us, our good doctor getting tagged slightly. We eventually came to a strange theater of sorts which led us to the street level. Boosting a car the good doctor put his considerable driving skills to good use as we attempted to escape. Unfortunately the chase through Odessa was complex even for Karl. Fleeing on foot again we crashed into nightclub. Making our way out the back we had a brief encounter with some gaurds who we dispatched or eluded but in the escape we became seperated. The doctor and I fled to the underground and boarded a train.

Later we re-connected, everyone having escaped. We looked into some of the information we had gathered…but none of it makes much sense at present. The Lisky bratva is clearly involved in the smuggling operation. The rumors we heard indicated there was a “doctor” (Dorjiev) who might be making a play for the top spot in the bratva trying to replace the old man. Nikita Akhroyekov, a Lisky underboss, might be interested in information about that…the enemy of my enemy is my friend? (He’ll still probably try to kill us). Some other tidbits we discovered:
1. Irem seems to refer to the legendary arabic city of pillars, punished by Allah for its wickedness and now buried beneath the sands.
2. Dragovir: city known for it’s monastary
3. The way the military man moved reminded me of tales told to me by my great grandmother of Zolozhniye, creatures who died before their time and now lure others to their death reveling in cutting short lives.
4. Pier Dalman: died in a fire and dozens of clocks were found at his house. (I totally forget what the tie with this guy was)
5. Karl knew of a former doctor Dorjiev who had discovered a chemical compund that stopped cellular decomposition but failed to keep the brain alive.
6. Paul’s analysis is that the money doesn’t make sense. Us discovering the smuggled weapons/blood shouldn’t elicit this kind of response…it doesn’t make sense

What is going on? What holy-hell have we seemed to draw down on our heads? What was up with the coffin and why are they smuggling blood products? We’re on our way to one of Ivan’s safehouse, maybe a good nights rest will bring some clarity.


1xp bonus + 2xp earned for play to the entire team. I’ll award an additional 1xp if someone else (other than Kevin) posts the message of the mysterious welts that appeared on Sam’s character.

Darkness in the Catacombs
SavageCole ozymndius

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