Shadows Secrets Kept

Odessa's Shadow

It had gone smoothly, too smoothly really, I should have known it would turn messy…it almost always does. The job of retrieving the info from Brigadier-General Malcom Lennart’s laptop went well. The general was none the wiser who we were, his laptop was wioed clean and the info was on a flash drive. Polya decided to take a look at the info…not in the job specs but what the hell, I was curious why this straight laced Canadian was into. The info suggested 1. NATO blood products being diverted with lists of flight plans from Italy and the Balkans. 2. Evidence of diverted arms stock from phantom missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, suggestive of major fundraising for who knows what. It seems the general had been talking to and American in NATO; Donald Carroll, a known information dealer.

Our snooping had to be cut short as Polya discovered some electronic eyes…someone knew we were snooping…and that aint good. We went to the drop location to turn over the info to Anton Dedopovic who was supposed to pay us. We knew Anton was a bad guy, but we also were pretty confident he would stay bought…not so much. The drop goes bad quickly. Ivan wraps up the firefight with a well placed grenade in their SUV, but Anton has a BMW stashed around the corner and makes a break for it, luckily the good doctor is a hell of a driver…oh and not so lucky for Anton we had a LAW rocket with us…and we hate not getting paid. Afterwards we attempt to contact Georg Rudek who gave us the initial job but it seems he’s gone to ground. With few other leads Paul reaches out to Donald who invites us to a little town outside Odessa. He tells us he know American made arms are being diverted out of Iraq and Afghanistan to Odessa and he suspects one of the Russian brotherhoods is at the center of it all, but he needs confirmation. They’ve managed to RFID tag some crates of weapons that Turkish smugglers have seized and are bound for Odessa on a ship; the Yalkenci. He wants us to identify where the weapons go and who is involved. We take the job…mostly becasue we’re still hoping we can find Georg and get paid. We stake out the docks and are able to identify the smuggled weapons which Polya tracks to a dilapadated warehouse. Surprisingly Georg seems to have arrived with the crates as well and boards the trucks which spirit them away quickly. The warehouse is guarded…like crazy guarded with police looking the other way and old school Russian ex-con mobsters and enough guns to make Charlton Heston smile. Luckily Polya breaks out some architecture plans and finds us an alternate entrance via some catacombs beneath the warehouse. There we find some crates, some with our RFID tags, but they leave us with more questions. The crates and their contents are:

1. Crates with English writing: Full of military supplies (to which we help ourselves). It seems it was taken from Baghadad and destined for the Iraq militia.

2. Crates with Cyrillic writing: Contains food stuffs, blankets and a manifest which indicates to us that the Lisky brotherhood was involved in human trafficing with a possible tie to Dragovir, a village in Romania. We also found a receipt from Baldak shipping, but don’t know if that’s relevant at this point.

3. Crates with Arabic writing: These crates contain plastic wrapped pieces of clay and stone…possibly from an Iraqi museum, they reference a city called “Irem”. We also find some papers in English which seem to be British government records from the 20s and/or 30s. They seem to include some general mappings but also include handwritten notes including and odd notation “Intrusive”. The notes seemed to be smuggled British archives from Iraq.

The crates keep our attention for some time, making our way out, Polya discovers a trap door, through which we hear a snippet of conversation….one of the voices is Georg, he’s going to meet the doctor…I get the impression this doctor doesn’t care if your cholesterol is high, and we probably won’t be seeing Georg again.


Nice job, Kev. That nets everyone on the team 1xp that you may spend before Friday’s session.

Odessa's Shadow
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